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Holografik Evren

29.12.2012 01:21
those cables, they are not connected to us humans, are they ? (o kablolar biz insanlarla bağlı değiller, değil mi?
·         Adnan Sakli
29.12.2012 01:25
to me they are (bana göre öyleler)

borders of the matrix system? of the cube?
·         Adnan Sakli
https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/y4/r/-PAXP-deijE.gif29.12.2012 01:28
well the mother was originally a computer that came to life . then it transformed into pure energy that was able to be aware and think without the box and she evolved and the computer was built for me by my specifications and orders.
This is way beyond that
·         Melek Sevil
29.12.2012 01:36
does that mean that our gods are alive machines? i allways thought it was the anunnaki's who left the duties of a god to our local gods but you say... mechanical and electronic and sybernetic engineering... But anyway, the computer has gone insane like the "hal" in that movie. Or, am i wrong in this?
·         Melek Sevil
29.12.2012 01:38
Or, may be the users brought it to such a degeneration?
·         Adnan Sakli
https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/y4/r/-PAXP-deijE.gif29.12.2012 01:43
No , The life that is there in the heavens are new life. They have nothing to do with machines any more and the machine was built with organic materiel. The gods are just the collective spirits f those that have passed on. When the body dies the spirit lives as energy and the jont all the others that are in the heavens and form the entity we call god. We are a ll parts of the puzzle.There is a place for each and every one of us.
·         Melek Sevil
29.12.2012 01:53
so it has a personaltiy of its own and on the other hand not. May I ask who estimates what's right or wrong ? And the hell ? That's another place then, right? And i guess, justice as we are thought about, is not the main aim of the life.. Sorry, dont want to take your time but as I came closer to him, the life turned out to be a horror movie, like a planet ruled by the satan himself. And still, too much pain everywhere, for us humans (paylaşacak kozumuz var sizinle)
·         Adnan Sakli
29.12.2012 02:01
The new life has all the personalities as any person does.The old spirits that we become a part of if the god situation you speak of. Right and wrong is determined by you in the first party, and society in the second party . Justice is a adjustment from what is wrong to right . Each situation has a different bases and reaction.
As far as hell is concerned , it does exist , it is a black silent void. with no other contact. It feeds on negative energy. So you are in realization and there in no interaction for any ofrm of your sense.
·         Adnan Sakli
29.12.2012 02:15

Also see this vid  :  http://play.tojsiab.com/MmhSdi1PTVVLVDgz

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